Hicham FAIK

CEO / Founder - CyberSecurity Expert - Global CISO

Hicham FAIK has an expert profile consisting of information systems and management skills, infrastructure, organization and security. He is a state engineer graduated from the Hassania School of Public Works Casablanca since 2001 and has obtained multiple certifications : GIAC GSTRT, CCSP, CISSP, ISO 27001 LA, ISO27005 RM, PMP, CEHv8, among the fields of Cyber Security, Cloud Security, Project Management and IT Operations Management. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Security in Cloud computing. He began his career in the Industrial Energy Sector then Financial Sector Banking and Industrial Mining, he worked as freelancer on security and then joined an international consulting since June 2012. from 2015 to July 2017 he held the position of Director of Infrastructures and Security of Saham Group. And from August 2017 to September 2022, he has Directed the Global CyberSecurity Strategy of Cyber Security at Attijariwafa bank group (Executive CISO). Since October 2022, He switched to CyberSecurity business where is enjoyed building and managing CyberSecurity Offerings at NevoTechnologies. Lately in June 2023, He founded his own Consulting Firm to support and help his customers tackle down the big cyber security challenges they face and navigate securely their Digital journeys For over 22 years of experience in major Moroccan institutions, Hicham developed a broad view and diverse skills on IT CyberSecurity at organizational levels and over complexe situations either at the strategic level (IS Master Plan, Infrastructure Master Plan and Security Master Program, Cloud, IoT..), tactical (ISO9001 Certification, ISO 27001, ITIL, COBIT, security Policy, PMO, BCP/DRP, Datacenter, Technical Architectures) and operational (management teams, dashboards, infrastructure Management SLA, DRP, incident Management, SOC/Supervision, technical migration, PenTesting, configuration review, ...). This gives Hicham a thorough knowledge of the issues, challenges and expectations of the environment of Moroccan and international companies in terms of Information Systems, Infrastructure and Security. Hicham also feeds a significant expertise in Computer security through responsibilities held, he has managed projects in sensitive contexts. He also led diverse teams in different contexts such as computer production, Crisis management, complex projects, Consulting, ... During these experiments, he managed to develop and optimize the activities and persons under his responsibility by adopting proactive management approaches and effective leadership.